PE plastic cutting board safety?

Cutting board is every family all need daily necessities, now average household can choose wood cutting board or bamboo cutting boards, in fact, as people to pay more and more attention to health, PE  cutting board, chopping block because of its non-toxic tasteless, durable, corrosion resistant, easy to clean, strong toughness and other characteristics, become a family and supermarket, hotel supplies.

PE plastic cutting board

PE is short for PET (polyethylene terephthalate), which is what we call a number of plastic material, this kind of material is often used to make water bottles, carbonated beverage bottle, beverage bottle cannot be used with hot water circulation, the material heat to 70 ℃, only suitable for the warm drink or beverage, with high temperature liquid or heating is easy to deformation, are harmful to human body material dissolution.But plastic cutting boards made from PET(polyethylene terephthalate) are a different story.

PE chopping board is made of low density polyethylene resin raw materials (edible grade plastic PE). The traditional chopping boards used in our Chinese families are made of wood. We all believe that wood chopping board is natural, non-toxic, harmless and environmentally healthy.But wooden chopping board also has its shortcomings, wooden chopping board is not only clumsy, but also prone to cracks, dirt, especially after washing wet, not easy to boring, become an important place to breed bacteria, so, now launched on the market all kinds of plastic chopping board, PE chopping board is one of them.
High molecular weight polyethylene cutting board, cutting board, high molecular weight polyethylene cutting board, anvil pier, cutting board, meat board, meat cutting machine cutting board, all kinds of food machinery cutting board, panel.This product uses food grade PE polyethylene resin raw material refined, high impact strength, especially low temperature impact strength.The product is smooth and translucent in appearance, such as wax.

1. High toughness and no knife injury, no water, no bacteria, no mildew, life span of more than ten years.

2.Tasteless and free from exudate, especially suitable for food, medicine and other industries requiring high sanitary conditions.No deformation, no discoloration, no slag, no water absorption, no cracking.

3.Stable chemical properties, the vast majority of inorganic, organic acid, alkali, salt and organic solvents are not corrosive to PE polyethylene resin.

4.This product to escherichia coli, staphylococcus, yellow penicillium killing ability reached 99.6%.

5.This product has good non-adhesion and is very easy to clean adhesives on the surface. Once the water is flushed, it can be as clean as new.

6.Moderate hardness, can chop bone chop stuffing!No matter cut vegetables cut meat cut bones, with a long time also only a little bit of knife marks, there will not be slag, cracking and other problems.

7.Low density, light weight.Easy to handle and install.

To sum up, PE polyethylene resin cutting board is your choice.

Tips for using a cutting board.First, after buying back, the first time to clean up, to Amoy rice water as the best.Second, pay attention to the maintenance of daily use, it is recommended to evenly coat the surface of the chopping board with cooking oil to prevent the chopping board from cracking.Three is in use, the first time to clean up, while placed in a ventilated and dry position, in order to prevent mildew.

Post time: Oct-21-2021