David Beckham wishes his Chinese fans a happy winter solstice: eat more dumplings/use wheat straw dumpling plates

On December 21, the winter solstice, Beckham also sent his best wishes to Chinese fans: “Eat more dumplings and cover quilt tightly.”


Eating dumplings on winter Solstice is to remember the “medical saint” Zhang Zhongjing’s “Dispelling cold jiao er soup”. Up to now, there is still a folk song in Nanyang that goes, “Don’t eat dumpling bowl in winter Solstice, freeze your ears and nobody cares”.
Dumplings in the early days of time is called “jiao ear”, is the inventor of the eastern han dynasty medical sage zhang zhongjing, in zhang zhongjing retired royal, baihe returned to his hometown, see the shore there are a lot of people because of poverty, hunger, a lot of people’s ears are freezing, so zhang zhongjing decided to cure these poor people.
After zhang zhongjing research, boiled out of the “remove cold jiao ear soup”, drugs used pepper and some cold cooked mutton, cooked after wrapped inside ingredients after remove to chop on face, shaped like ears, so they are called “jiao ear”, among these patients after boiled, each person in two plus a bowl of soup, eat after the whole body warm, blood sausage, after a period of time, Cold ears will heal.
This process continued until the New Year’s Eve, and people decided to eat dumplings on the winter Solstice and the first day of the New Year to celebrate their recovery.


So, what is the best material of dumpling plate, how to choose a plate? Do you know these points?


Dumpling plate


Using natural wheat straw processing fiber material, with light plant fragrance, non-toxic and harmless, environmental degradable, at the same time adding environmental PP material, enhance the toughness of the product, strong and durable. Dumpling plate for double layer design, removable, easy to drain, food is not sticky, but also easy to clean, clean health. One side of the unique groove design can be used to place vinegar and dipping materials, convenient and practical!


Can be used in microwave.


Hope everyone has a warm and happy Dongzhi. Do you have any other Dongzhi tips? Comment and share with us!


Post time: Dec-21-2021